COVID19 vs. Influenza

The chart below shows the cumulative death count of COVID19 since Johns Hopkins University started tracking the virus and reporting the data. The grey area represents the cumulative death count caused by the Influenza virus (all variants) as estimated by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2017. The latter area is represented as a linear increase of deaths. In reality, this area would follow the typical patterns of the seasonal flu. However, the chart still illustrates the magnitude at which COVID19 is far more deadly than the flu.

Notes. Graph shows Global data. Reporting bias: data in the early days of the pandemic may be biased and report inaccurate data. Grey area = the amount of estimated deaths caused by Influenza as of day 1 of the coronavirus outbreak. Datapoints are presented in a 14-day interval rather than daily to smooth out the line. Date is in ‘mm/dd/yy’ format.

Today (June 17th, 2021), the total death count increased by 3.89% compared to two weeks ago. A relative increase less than half that of two weeks ago (June 6th, 2021), when the total death count increased by 8.02% compared to two weeks ago. The image below shows the global death count and relative increase in percentage. This image and the graph above will be updated every two weeks.

– COVID19 deaths source (John Hopkins University, 5/7/2021):
– Worldometer:
– WHO estimate source:


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